Novel gives gripping fictional tale of those who fight human trafficking

Followers of the Cross ™

A heart-warming story that touches upon human trafficking. I never thought I would write a sentence like that. But that description is true for a fiction novel, “The Shadow,” written by a lady who has answered her calling to fight the vile selling of human beings.

Kimberly Rae is an award-winning author of 20 books as well as an Amazon bestseller. Rae lived in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kosovo and Indonesia. She rafted the Nile River, hiked in the hills around Mount Everest, and tried cow brains just to say she’d done it, according to her author website. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children.Kimberly_Rae

Recognizing the lack of books about slavery and trafficking that focus on those who are making a difference rather than glorifying the evil or being overly graphic or despairing, she has also since created a series on modern day slavery for teens…

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