Hot Dogs Really Do Bark

Bob, a hot dog salesman, wants to live a quiet life in Chattanooga in the late 21st century. He loves hanging out with his friends Santiago and Xander, but is not sure he is ready to settle down with his sweet girlfriend, Betty.

Strange things begin to happen. Groundhogs talk. A mime attacks. Toys come to life. Bob is left to wonder what’s going on.

Life really becomes strange when Bob’s hot dogs begin to bark, however.

Bob’s life will never be the same as he must battle alien assassins. He learns that one of his friends hides a secret that could affect the future of the Galactic Bailiwick, or the royal government of the galaxy.

Will Bob escape from the assassins? Will he get serious about dating Betty? Will the hot dogs ever stop barking?

This is my novella available on Amazon in Kindle and print on demand. Book 2 will be available in Fall 2018.


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