Movie makes The Case For Christ

The Case For Christ hits movie theaters Friday, April 7 in time for Holy Week.

This could not be a better film for this time of year.Case_For_Christ

The story follows the true journey of Strobel, who worked as an award-winning reporter at the Chicago Tribune in the 1980s. The atheist’s life turned upside down when his wife, Leslie, became a Christian. Strobel began a major investigative project that brought him to faith.

I recently interviewed Ben Bird, the screenwriter for the movie adaptation of the book by Lee Strobel.

Bird said The Case For Christ is a great film for Christians who feel doubt or an inability to “articulate” what they believe.

“I think it will be a huge boost for people of faith,” he said.

Bird also hopes “millions of skeptics” watch the film. “Anybody who is a seeker of truth in this world: You have to give Jesus a look. That’s my hope for this movie.”

Bird brings to the movie 30 years as a film and TV writer and producer in both the secular and faith markets. A former journalist himself, he is a long-time friend of Strobel through Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. Strobel once asked Bird to speak at a pastor’s conference at Willow Creek, his first church as a teaching pastor. That was the church where Strobel found faith.

“I think this might be the most meaningful thing I’ve ever done in my career,” Bird said.

As an argument for the truth of Christ, Bird mentioned the evidence of the 500-plus witnesses who saw Jesus after the crucifixion. Eyewitnesses are considered important in criminal trials, but Jesus’ witnesses have been dismissed as zealots. There are nine ancient sources both inside and outside the Bible for these witnesses.

“It’s not just people thumping their Bibles,” Bird said. “It’s the news of the day, like reading the newspaper today.”

Another conspiracy theory is that supposedly few ancient copies of the New Testament exist. But on the contrary, more than 5,400 copies of the New Testament books exist from within one generation of the apostles, and some within months of the crucifixion. That compares to even older texts like Homer’s The Illiad, with only about 1,500 surviving copies. The two best accounts of Alexander the Great were written more than 400 years after he died. If you could stack Aristotle’s works, they would reach 4 feet tall. The New Testament texts would reach more than a mile high.

“When you actually do the research, it blows you away.”

“I believe this movie if for everyone, not just the churchgoers,” Bird said. “We all have a hunger to know where we stand in the universe. Whether we believe in God or not, every skeptic needs to give this a fair shake.”

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— Jason Reynolds


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