The Deck Chef offers grilling recipes

Delicious grilling cookbook…

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This blog post is on a delicious topic. That’s because I’m writing about a grilling cookbook. The cookbook is “Great American Grilling,” a book on grilling, smoking and tailgating by Kent Whitaker, aka “The Deck Chef.” The publisher is Great American Cookbooks.


When I say “grilling,” I’m not talking about throwing a couple of brats on the grill and winging it. I’m talking about preparing delicacies like Grilled Sea Bass Fillets with Garlic Red Potatoes. (Brat and hot dog recipes are in the book as well, however.)

“Tailgating these days has gone so far beyond a hot dog and a bag of chips,” Whitaker said. “There’s people pulling their mobile kitchens and campers (to events). My thing is, you can still have a great tailgate even if you don’t have all that stuff.”

Do the prep work at home before going out tailgating, he said.

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