Christian tattoo artist plies trade in Murfreesboro

MURFREESBORO — A decade ago, when her friends were dreaming of getting their drivers licenses, Alli Wilcox was dreaming of getting her tattoo license.

As soon as she was able, Alli embarked on a demanding, yearlong tattoo apprenticeship. She was fortunate to find talented mentors in downtown Nashville, with whom she eventually built a tattoo business in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Alli is a Christian artist in her own right, and her father was a manager for various Christian musicians.

“I learned so much working with David and Jaynie at Chrome Halo Tattoo and Body Piercing,” says Alli. “Our goal was to break the stereotype for tattoo shops and to set a new standard in artistry and service.”

With that business firmly established and more than a thousand tattoos to her credit, Alli caught a new vision for her business.

“In a multi-artist setting, customers work through a desk person who helps them figure out what they want and then communicates that to the tattoo artist,” says Alli. “Over the years, I’ve been the desk person and the artist. I began to realize that I could do both really well.”

Energized by this fresh concept, Alli left Chrome Halo in David and Jaynie’s capable hands and launched a new business where she could further personalize the experience between artist and client. Alliance Tattoo, a single artist studio located in the new Salons by JC facility on North Thompson Lane in Murfreesboro, is now open for business.

“In this line of work, communication is key,” says Alli. “I want my clients to be confident that they are receiving the most attention to detail possible. That’s why every time they have a question, every time they call or email, every time they get ink, they are working directly with me, their artist.”

Her new model is a bit of a departure from traditional tattoo shops, and offers her clients some distinct advantages.

Alli Wilcox creates a client’s new tattoo at Alliance Tattoo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. ( photo)

First, there are no customer wait times. Rather, services are set by appointment. Preliminaries are handled personally by phone and email. Clients can browse Alliance Tattoo’s online portfolio for inspiration or email Alli their own images and ideas. Even the company name, “Alliance Tattoo” (an obvious nod to her name), underscores the bond between artist and client. Alli believes this one-on-one approach is a big plus.

Second, Alliance Tattoo is conveniently located in a brand new suite housing dozens of other wellness and beauty practitioners. This makes perfect sense, as Alli is also trained, licensed, and insured to offer permanent cosmetic procedures, including eyeliner, lip color, and eyebrow color. Additionally, she can provide post-operative micro-pigmentation services, such as areola coloring for breast cancer patients.

Third, and perhaps most important, is Alli’s unwavering commitment to helping each client achieve his or her personal vision.

“Of the countless tattoos I’ve applied, every single one has a story,” she says. “I’ve not just created a mark on their skin, but also a milestone in their lives. I’ve tattooed business people, athletes, musicians, college students, mothers and fathers, nurses and doctors, librarians, world travelers–the list goes on. All these people are telling their stories. It’s my utmost honor to be asked to illustrate the pages. That’s why Alliance Tattoo’s motto is ‘Your Skin. Your Story.'”

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Alli Wilcox prepares to begin work on a new tattoo at Alliance Tattoo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. ( photo) 

About Alliance Tattoo:

Alliance Tattoo is now open for business by appointment in Suite 41 at Salons by JC at 760 North Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Additional information is available online at or by calling Alli Wilcox at 615-887-3335.

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