Book explores blood covenants with God

The Great Exchange: Bound by Blood, is co-written by Kay and Robert Camenisch.

It is about the ancient ritual of cutting a blood covenant and explores how foundational the covenant is to our relationship with God and how it is central in the Word. The book begins with a description of the ancient ritual and the seven exchanges that are part of the ritual as well as the symbolism in each.

The Camenisches then look at Abraham and show how the covenant cut with Abraham is a blood covenant, with most of the exchanges clearly shown in Scripture. Even though Abraham understood the importance and significance of a covenant, it took him years to learn what it means to walk in covenant with the living God.

The book is written in a narrative style, moving from Abraham and his children, through the children of Israel, and closes with the New Covenant in and through Jesus Christ.

The authors said they first learned parts of the ancient covenant ritual in 1975 and their lives were transformed, even though both had grown up in the church and were in the midst of seminary studies at the time.

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