Navy and media  gang up on reputation of late SEAL Chris Kyle, who cannot defend himself

The Navy Times is one of many media outlets carrying a story attacking dead Navy SEAL Chris Kyle of “American Sniper” and how many medals he received. Buried in the stories is the Navy’s admission it messed up his DD-214 form, which he apparently used in describing his medal count. Why is the Navy making this an issue years after Kyle’s death??

Kyle’s co-authors defended his combat valor and blamed the Navy’s records-keeping for the discrepancies, which are tougher to resolve after Kyle’s 2013 death at the hands of a fellow veteran he had befriended. “In revising the discharge documents, the Navy is now admitting to sloppy record-keeping, either in 2009 or today,” DeFelice said in an email. “However, I find it difficult to believe their records have become more complete in the years since the discharge papers were first issued. “I don’t know who or what or why things got fouled up, but the bottom line is this: Chris saved countless lives on the battlefield, was awarded numerous medals for valor, and should have gotten even more.” McEwen, the other co-author, said he stands by the medal count and by Kyle. “I have been presented with no information that in any way questions the valor or medal count of my friend and American hero, Chris Kyle,” McEwen said. “I grow tired of the constant attacks on his reputation, and question the motivation of those making the attacks.”

Source: Navy: SEAL Chris Kyle never earned a 2nd Silver Star


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