TN Right to Life endorses Courtney Rogers for state House

The state’s oldest and largest pro-life organization is urging its members and advocates to support Courtney Rogers for re-election to the state House.

“Voters in the 45th district have sent some of the state’s most committed pro-life advocates to serve in the state House,” said Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life.  “We are grateful that Courtney Rogers has carried on that pro-life legacy very well,” said Harris.

With passage of pro-life Amendment 1 in 2014, Tennesseans have had the opportunity to restore meaningful protections for the unborn and for abortion-vulnerable women and girls in our state.  “Courtney Rogers’ vote has been consistently and strongly in support of policies that affirm the value and dignity of every human life, “ said Harris.

Tennessee Right to Life urges every pro-life voter to review Roger’s pro-life voting record and return a proven leader to the state House.

Early voting runs July 15 – July 30 and primary election day is Thursday, August 4.


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