Christian magician delights audiences


DSC_0830An illusionist (or magician) is touring Tennessee this month with his family-friendly acts.
Scott Humston has performed magic acts, or illusions, in Tennessee for 20-some years, sometimes for secular audiences and sometimes for churches.

On June 7, Humston will appear at the Brentwood Library for his 25th appearance in their summer series. On June 8, he will appear at libraries in Milan, Alamo and Greenfield, and on June 9, Humston performs at Lawrenceburg’s Crockett Theater for a family-friendly evening of magic, comedy, music, stories, and lots of audience participation.

Specific appearance details are online at

He also has a YouTube channel at

Humston said his shows combine music and magic and stories for both secular and Christian family audiences. His programs are interactive, especially the one in Lawrenceburg.

“A lot of parents don’t see their kids laugh at the movies. My program has a lot of interaction. My biggest prop is the audience.”

While he does not saw people in half or make them disappear, he does routines like work with a person from the audience to make a table float. One popular moment is when he keeps pulling silver dollars out of a child’s ear. He calls such moments magical or wonder-filled moments.

Some of his shows end with a gospel message of God’s grace.

Humston’s magic has been seen live by over 3 million people in the U.S. as well as Canada, England, Scotland, Turkey and Belize. He is currently featured on the hit television show, “Now You See It,” on the BBC channel in the United Kingdom. “Now You See It” was the #1 show in its time slot last year.

Humston’s live event entitled, “Pro Kids,” has been presented in public and private schools across the nation.  He has performed for major corporations such as Southwest Airlines and Warner Brothers Records, as well as three performances at the White House.

Humston lives near Orlando, Florida, but travels to Tennessee on a regular basis (and other states) for his shows. He has a special connection to the Volunteer State because he attended college in Nashville and has relatives here. His oldest child just graduated from high school; the next oldest attends a private Christian school; and the two youngest are home schooled.


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