Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stands up for bathroom sanity

Star-Telegram: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vowed Thursday — before a room full of thousands of the state’s most devout Republicans — to help North Carolina fight policies that give transgender people the ability to use the restroom of their choice. The issue, which has already come up in a handful of Texas cities, erupted in Fort Worth this week when Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called for Fort Worth school Superintendent Kent Scribner’s resignation over guidelines outlining bathroom use, sparking protests on both sides of the issue. Abbott publicly weighed in on the issue for the first time Thursday, telling thousands of delegates at the Republican Party of Texas state convention that “Obama is turning bathrooms into courtroom issues.”

In other news, multiple media outlets reported Friday that President Obama, in his usual dictatorial style, ordered local school districts across the nation to open girls’ bathrooms to boys and vice versa or lose federal funds.

Facebook reported this: “Obama can’t rewrite the Civil Rights Act. He’s not a King,” Abbott tweeted after the government sent letters urging schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

In other news, a delegate to the Texas Republican convention reported that a motion for the state’s secession failed.

Source: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott kicks off GOP convention in Dallas | The Star-Telegram


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