Ann White discusses finding courage to make hard decisions



One woman is sharing her hard-learned life lessons on living an authentic life in a new book.

Ann White is the author of “7 Steps to Courage.” She is the founder of In Grace Ministries and host of Christian talk show “Atlanta Live.” She is also an author, speaker, teacher, and short-term missionary.

Christians like to have things under control, White told me in an interview. Learning to let go of control can be the hardest thing for a Christian to do. Transparency is the second hardest thing.

“We often put on a mask of perfection or put on a mask of everything’s okay because we think that if we let the world know or even our closest friends know what’s going on behind closed doors…, they wouldn’t understand, they might not accept us, they might judge us.”

White should know what she is talking about. God brought her to her knees while on a church trip to Israel with her eldest son in May 2012. She was in her hotel room overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Her husband and she had already been discussing how to end their marriage despite her being a teacher of God’s word at church.

“I knew my marriage was over,” she said. “I broke down and cried to the Lord. The saddest thing was no one knew.”

White said that her surrender to God freed her and allowed her to be honest. She began healing hurts, bad habits and coping systems that ran all the way to her childhood.

“I learned one of the most important lessons: to trust God and let go of my fear.” She had developed fear as a child: fear of making someone angry, of rejection, of abandonment and more.

White’s book is packed with seven steps to assist readers in making courageous choices to face inner struggles and move to freedom just as she did. Each of the seven steps represents a letter in the word “courage”: Commit to change, Overcome obstacles, Uncover your true self, Replace worldly lies with scriptural truth, Accept the things you cannot change, Grasp God’s love for you, and Embrace a life of grace.

Along with being a wife, mom, and grandmother, White is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“It is my greatest desire to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, to positively influence my family, and effectively disciple the people that God places in my path,” White said in a press release. “I seek to help others gain experiential knowledge of God’s Truth, so that they may continually grow both spiritually and emotionally and reach their God-given potential.”

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