“Gargantuan Protest” in Rome as Over a Million Turnout to Support Traditional Marriage

(Rome, Italy)—As the Italian Parliament prepares to vote on “civil unions” for homosexuals, a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people rallied in Rome’s Circus Maximus and adjacent streets on January 30 to protest in favor of the family and the rights of children, Breaking Christian News reports.

The gargantuan protest, dubbed “Family Day,” was organized by the Committee to Defend Our Children, and aimed to thwart an attempt by the ruling Democratic Party and its allies to grant legal recognition to homosexual unions and to allow homosexuals to adopt their “stepchildren”—that is, the children of their sex partners.

The protestors expressed their concern that such a measure would enable homosexuals to contract with egg donors and surrogates to “synthesize” children who will never know their mothers and who lack any right to a natural family.

“The uterus is not a furnace in which a manufactured product is made!” said Massimo Gandolfini, the main spokesman for the march, to the assembled crowd.

Calling the proposed law “destructive,” Gandolfini warned that if it were approved, “there will be an enormous confusion in which the family will no longer exist, but rather various models and confusions of the family, and the victims will be our children, because the law has the power to change the culture of a people.”

A vote on the bill is expected in early February.



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