Waitress gets $500 tip from family fulfilling man’s dying wish

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) —Mad Anthony Brewing Co. on Tuesday was the scene of an emotional exchange between a waitress and customers, according to WKRN and WANE.

The party was a giving branch of Aaron’s Last Wish, a mission to donate $500 tips to servers, the dying wish of the late Aaron Collins. Collins’ brother and mother presented Tuesday’s gift, their 101st such tip.In the bill jacket with the restaurant’s copy of the receipt, the family left the waitress a $500 cash tip. Members of the family stayed behind to present it to her, and to explain why.

“In his will, the very last thing was that we’d go out to dinner and leave an awesome tip for a waiter or waitress,” Aaron’s brother Seth Collins said. “He specifically said, ‘I don’t mean like 25%. I’m talking about $500 for a pizza.’”

Aaron’s Last Wish has visited restaurants and tipped throughout the country over the last two and a half years. Seth said the first video of them tipping a server shortly after his brother’s death went viral. Since then donations have been pouring in, topping $50,000. Often time’s Aaron’s mother, Tina Collins, is there when he hands out the tip.



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