Repo man intends to take single mom’s car, but helps pay off and provides Christmas gifts

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH – (Ohio) has a great story about Diana Parks, a single mother whose car was nearly repossessed.

“I am overwhelmed with joy, ” said Diana Parks as she and her daughter Ania Parks, 10, watched Relentless Recovery employees bring boxes of Christmas gifts to their home in Garfield Heights on Wednesday.

Two weeks ago, Relentless Recovery came to repossess Diana Parks’ car. This week they are bringing gifts. Parks, a single mother, fell behind on payments after she was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in May. She now has seizures and difficulty walking, making her unable to work as a pharmacy technician. She also had to drop out of school at Cleveland State University where she was a full-time student studying for a double major in chemistry and pre-pharmacy. “I was working so hard so we could do better,” she said. “And then I got sick.”

” I am floating on a cloud. God works in mysterious ways.”

When Scott from Relentless Recovery came to the door, Parks thought she was having a seizure and he offered to call 911. Feeling better, Parks talked to him for an hour. Instead of taking the car, he wept. Scott pulled cash out of his own pocket and insisted Parks take it. He told his boss he’d give up half his paycheck until her car payments were up to date.  Amy Bednar, owner of Relentless Recovery, wouldn’t take his money. The company agreed to cover her delinquent car payments themselves. They’re looking to help with rent, too. They asked for Ania’s Christmas gift list and divided it among their staff members.



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