Muslim prayer room at Catholic high school in Michigan sparks debate

Some parents outside Detroit were questioning a Catholic high school’s decision to allow a special room for Muslim students to pray, Fox 2 reported Wednesday, according to Fox News.

Brother Rice High School, an all-boys school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, reportedly granted a request from Muslim students to use the religious reflection room throughout the day. Roughly a dozen of the school’s 800-plus students are Muslim, according to WXYZ.

One unnamed parent told the news station the room was “unconscionable,” arguing that her son’s paid Catholic education would be “undermined.” Fox 2 reported receiving similar criticism.

(Editor’s note: This is an example of creeping Sharia law and how America will be conquered — by surrendering to appease the false god of tolerance to a religion that does not tolerate other religions. Even some of the saints will fall away from Christ in the last days. It’s unbelievable a “Christian” school would do such a thing. How many Muslim schools would open a Christian chapel?)


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