Atheist: Air Force football prayers ‘putrid’

Franklin Graham posted this on Facebook about the Air Force Academy, which is under attack by an atheist group:

Atheist Mikey Weinstein and his ironically named Military Religious Freedom Foundation is now picking on the US Air Force Academy (Official) football team! After seeing Falcon players kneel in prayer before last Saturday’s game against San Diego State, he says it must stop. He said Air Force players participating in public prayer “is a scandalous outrage” and calls it “a disgrace” and “a putrid example of Christian supremacy.” Since when is voluntary prayer scandalous or putrid? The Air Force Academy now says that it will conduct an inquiry into the situation. I call this a foul! Join me in praying that the religious freedoms of these young men will not be taken away as a result of one bitter person bent on removing God and His Son Jesus Christ from everything in this country. America owes its blessings to Almighty God—and our founding fathers knew that.

Pray that the Falcons will be allowed to continue their voluntary time of prayer.

Graham asks for people to post comments in support of the football team. His Facebook account link is here:


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