Rocky Top, TN church tips single mother pizza driver $1,400

One single mother in Tennessee sure has plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, Good Morning America reports on Yahoo. Audrey Martin, a mom to three children under the age of five, is a delivery driver for Domino’s pizza.

She received a $1,400 tip Sunday from Covenant Life Church — money that she desperately needs.

“They ordered 10 pizzas and when I got on stage [the pastor] had asked everybody to give me a good tip,” Martin, 23, of Rocky Top, Tenn., told ABC News. “Everybody at the church got up and started handing the preacher money and it was just crazy. So many people got up. They started hugging me, it was just awesome. I couldn’t help but cry. It was just amazing.”

In the spirit of giving, Pastor Tony McAfee had previously called the Domino’s location where Martin works, asking the store’s manager if anyone employed there was in particular need of a blessing.

The pastor’s unexpected good deed was part of his teaching series on generosity. “Of course nobody knew ahead of time of just how much she needed this,” McAfee explained, unaware that Martin was a single mother who had recently lost her apartment.

Source: Single Mom Pizza Delivery Driver Gets Shocking $1,400 Tip from Church – Yahoo


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