Army Chaplains To Lose Christian Motto Because It Might Offend Muslims

The Royal Australian Army Chaplains’ Department is to lose their traditional motto held since 1913, because it is offensive to Muslims, Breitbart reports.

Australian Chaplain Badge

The offensive badge

The cap badge and motto of the Australian army chaplains is presently identical to those held by the British army, a legacy and tradition dating back to the founding days of the Australian nation as it established itself as a Dominion independent of Great Britain. Emblazoned on a Maltese cross and wreath in purple and gold, the motto ‘In This Sign Conquer’ is thought to be a reference to the crusades.

Now just five months after a Muslim Imam joined the Australian forces religious advisory committee, that history is to be swept away, reports Australia’s Daily Telegraph. Despite the sudden push for change, there is not thought to presently be a single Australian Muslim chaplain in the army.

The chaplaincy of the Australian army, like the armed forces of many Commonwealth nations has traditionally had a number of badges to suit different occasions and roles. Chaplians also wear badges derived from the Templar cross, the Latin cross, and the star of David.

Australia is not the first force to erase their Christian heritage for fear of giving offence. The cap badge of the Canadian chaplaincy had both the motto and crosses removed in 2006 when the service went officially ‘multi-faith’. One of the new Canadian badges even features the Muslim crescent.


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