KY governor-elect calls cartoon ‘overtly racist attack on my children’

KENTUCKY (FOX19) – Matt Bevin has fired back at the newspaper that published an editorial cartoon that the governor-elect has called an racist attack on his children. He has adopted children from Africa.

The cartoon, drawn by Lexington Herald-Leader’s Joel Pett, shows what appears to be Bevin hiding underneath his desk. Framed photos of his children are on the desk with Bevin’s aid saying, “Sir, they’re not terrorists…They’re your own adopted kids!” The Kentucky Governor-elect took to Twitter to voice is anger towards the caricature.

Source: KY Governor-elect calls cartoon ‘overtly racist attack on my chi – Tri-State News, Weather & Sports

(Editor’s note: The cartoonist says he is not attacking the children but is attacking Bevin for being against Syrian refugees settling in Kentucky. As a journalist, I say shame on Pett for bringing the children into this. As the father of an adopted child myself, I say shame on Pett. I feel that the cartoonist is besmirching Bevin’s role as a father. Respectable journalists do not attack politicians’ kids. They do not attack kids, period.)


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