Student petition asks Vanderbilt to suspend conservative professor

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An online petition asking Vanderbilt University to suspend a professor has received more than one thousand signatures.

Students started the petition on in response to online comments by Carol Swain, a Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University.

On her YouTube channel and social media, Swain has openly criticized Islam, the LGBT community, liberals and others.

Carol Swain
Graphic: WKRN

The petition accuses Swain of expressing hatred towards minorities.

“Although Ms. Swain is free to speak openly and have her own views, no matter how disagreeable they may be, it is generally unprofessional to attach your job title to a channel promoting your personally held beliefs,” the petition says. “Keeping personal beliefs and University-endorsed statements separate is crucial to maintaining the integrity of Vanderbilt’s values.”

Editor’s note: Hatred towards minorities? She is black. So many liberals have zero tolerance for anyone who holds a dissenting viewpoint. Case in point: Iconic feminist Germaine Greer is being castigated by other liberals and being called a woman hater. A feminist, a woman hater? Why? Because she dares to speak against the greatest of the left’s causes: transgenderism. A story about her is here:


One thought on “Student petition asks Vanderbilt to suspend conservative professor

  1. These poor young people in colleges are so far gone as to be unteachable. Their poor little minds have been steeped and indoctrinated into the liberal culture of hatred, intolerance and silencing free speech, by destroying the lives of people who think differently than them. They might as well save their parents some money and go home, since the only thing that can make them well and productive citizens, is to spend many years getting some real life experience and hopefully gaining some wisdom.


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