‪#‎MerryChristmasStarbucks‬, Jesus and coffee cup police

From Snopes: Claim: The coffee chain Starbucks removed all mentions of Christmas from their red holiday cups because “they hate Jesus.”


Example: [Collected via e-mail, October 2015] Starbucks has removed all holiday info from the red cups in an attempt at Christian Cleansing. Origins: The Starbucks coffee chain’s use of special holiday cups during the November-December timeframe is an annual tradition that dates to 1997. Each year since then, the coffee chain has unveiled new designs which typically feature traditional winter and Christmas holiday symbols such as snowmen, ornaments, and reindeer:

Source: The War on Christmas Cups : snopes.com

(Editor’s note: As you know, I’m sometimes outspoken on America’s changing culture, the drifting away from Christianity. But this whole Starbucks cup thing is ridiculous. Christians are called to be the salt and the light, not the coffee cup police. I know of some fine people who work at Starbucks too. You can’t just generalize about their employees’ motives. I think the cups are plain jane, but not an insult to Christ. We Christians can stand for Jesus’ truth, or for coffee cups with snowmen on them.)


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