Walmart’s Israeli soldier Halloween costume sparks controversy

Retail giant Walmart is sparking controversy for hawking an Israeli soldier outfit as a kid’s Halloween costume, the New York Post reports.

The costume, on sale for $28.81 — down from $57.62 — includes a shirt, belt, hat, and pants, according to the store’s website.

“When Halloween rolls around, make this item a part of your child’s complete ensemble,” gushes a description of the size medium outfit on the site, which features a picture of a boy dressed in full regalia, holding a toy Uzi submachine gun. The uniform also features the Hebrew word Tzahal — an acronym for the the Army of Defense for Israel.”

Source: Walmart’s Israeli soldier Halloween costume sparks controversy | New York Post

(Editor’s note: Social media has lit up with hateful comments, mostly by people who hate Israel and deny its right to defend itself. Where is the outrage over the murders of innocent Israelis? Or terrorists who murder innocent Muslims? I leave it to you to decide if you think such a costume is in poor taste. I will say I support Israel’s right to self-defense and Israel’s right to exist. God created the nation of Israel and set its borders, which include far more land than the Jews currently control in the modern nation-state. If the Muslim nations are so concerned about the Palestinians, why do they not offer humanitarian aid instead of hateful rhetoric and state sponsorship of terrorism that also harms the Palestinians? The Lord God of the Bible cares about all people, Jews, Muslim, Christian, atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, and more, and wants all to come to faith in Jesus and inherit eternal life in Heaven.)


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