It’s Friday night and you’re single. What to do? Read The Dating Manifesto


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It’s Friday night and you’re single. You have no prospect for a date tonight. So what should you do?

Read “The Dating Manifesto.”

Frank, biblical dating advice. That’s the theme of “The Dating Manifesto” by Lisa Anderson.

The author is director of young adults for Focus on the Family and host of the weekly radio program and podcast “The Boundless Show.” The publisher is David Cook.

Anderson describes an incident that struck her to the heart. She wanted to ride a carnival Ferris wheel late one night but, as a single lady, was alone. The ride operator told her the rules called out for having two to a bucket.

“I’m sorry, lady. No single riders.”

lisa-bio-photoA group of teenagers got on the ride. One boy told her that if not for his date, he would ride with her.

“I had never felt more single in my entire life,” she writes.

Like many modern Americans, Anderson grew up hearing that no one would take care of you but yourself.

The drive toward career and education can exceed marriage.

“I never wanted to be single for this long,” writes the 40-something Anderson. “I’ve never felt called to singleness. So what happened?”

In her book, Anderson takes the advice she wishes someone would have given her in her 20s and lays it out for Millennials. Ninety percent of singles want to get married but many wait to finish school or start their career. “They put off dating intentionally and say they can wait to find a spouse — but they may be 30 or more when that happens.”

“They believe in it (marriage) but are so afraid of messing it up that they will prolong it as long as possible,” Anderson said. “This is why we see a lot of promiscuity, cohabitation and dysfunction.”

Anderson advises singles to dump the Hollywood script and lays out five reasons their love life may be a disaster, including “You’re waiting for ‘The One.’” In a chapter titled “Get Your Numbers Up,” Anderson provides some helpful and unique ways to get out and meet people.

She also advises people to trust in God.

“But I don’t want a marriage where God’s not front and center. I don’t want a marriage where it’s all work and counseling and drama and cleaning up messes. I want a marriage that makes me sing and makes God great.”

There’s also a chapter on what singles need from the married people in their lives, such as the parents of young adults.

Anderson has put together a great book with biblical advice on being single and how to work on that but also how to live with that. She is an amazing writer who makes the story fun to read, especially considering

I’m not single. I highly recommend this book for any single person who feels stuck in singlehood.


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