CAIR calls TN textbook opponents ‘Islamaphobes’

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is expressing support for the White County (Tennessee) school board members who unanimously adopted a pro-Islam seventh grade textbook and calling opponents of the use of the textbook “Islamaphobes,” according to a press release by the Tennessee Pastors Network.

CAIR has been designated as a “terrorist organization” by the United Arab Emirates, a Muslim country in the Middle East. Additionally, the FBI distanced itself from the group after they were named as unindicted co-conspirators in a terror funding criminal action related to the terror group Hamas.

“The fact that an organization that aggressively promotes Islam in the U.S. is supportive of the textbook being used in White County schools really proves our point that the text is biased in favor of Islam, as CAIR would never promote a Christian-oriented course of study,” said Dale Walker, President of the Tennessee Pastors Network. “I think most or our neighbors in White County will be surprised and disappointed by the apparent alliance between CAIR and our school board members.”

CAIR’s call for a federal investigation into claims by school board member Roy Whited that he has received “death threats” is particularly perplexing, as local authorities have apparently not received any specific information about such threats, according to Breitbart News, nor has any official report been filed.  

Walker specifically noted, “We condemn any threats toward anyone over this issue; we would never encourage such behavior nor tolerate it.”

He added, “At a time when Christians are being tortured, raped and beheaded by Islamists in Syria, and hundreds of thousands of Christians are fleeing for their lives throughout the Middle East, the fact that CAIR condemns the citizens of White County rather than condemning what is being done daily in the name of Islam says everything our students need to know about Islam,” Walker concluded.


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