Jesus Calling: More Thinkers Needed in Today’s Culture: commentary

The more the world changes from modern to postmodern the more thinkers (and thinking) are needed, Lael Arrington writes for In today’s culture it is going to take more and more courage to stand against the feelings and experiences of other people. If we rely mainly on our own feelings and experiences to base our faith on, how will we have the courage to sacrifice? To go against the cultural flow? How can we grow as thinkers?

We find ourselves in a culture saturated with images — videos, games, selfies, Pinterest, movies, Instagram, TV, even notable quotes are embedded in pictures for heightened impact. And while images capture our attention, we don’t process them the same way we do words.

C.S. Lewis made the case that we are created with two ways of knowing: reason and imagination. We can’t really process words, paragraphs, history and letters without engaging our reason and logic to help us decode and interpret what we read.

Source: Jesus Calling: More Thinkers Needed in Today’s Culture | The Stream

(Editor’s note: This is a thought-provoking read on Christianity and postmodernism. The author makes a strong case for the validity of Christianity.)


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