Kim Davis called Hitler

The American Civil Liberties Union representing four Kentucky couples contends that Mrs. Davis has altered marriage licenses — making them possibly invalid, Fox News reports. And they want her held in contempt – again.

The validity of the licenses is “questionable at best,” ACLU attorneys told the Washington Post. “What’s more, the adulterated marriage licenses received by Rowan County couples will effectively feature a stamp of animus against the LGBT community, signaling that, in Rowan County, the government’s position is that LGBT couples are second-class citizens unworthy of official recognition and authorization of their marriage license but for this Court’s intervention and order.”

Mat Staver, of the Liberty Counsel law firm, is Mrs. Davis’ attorney. He said the ACLU’s allegations have no merit.

“They want her scalp to hang on the wall as a trophy,” he said.

Mrs. Davis is a follower of the Apostolic Christian faith and a devoutly religious woman. She is uncomfortable in the public spotlight.

“I’ve been called Hitler, a homophobe, a hypocrite — words I didn’t even use when I was in the world — words that are very vile and nasty,” she said. “I’ve been called pretty much anything that you can think in your mind.”

But the words did not hurt. “It’s a righteous thing to defend the Word of God and I am so much of a nothing — to be used of God is just an honor and a privilege,” she said. “I count it all joy.”

Source: ACLU wants Kim Davis’ ‘scalp to hang on the wall’ | Fox News

(The gay lobby wants to beat her into submission to intimidate all people who oppose gay marriage. The people who preach tolerance cannot practice tolerance.)


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