Rep. Matheny speaks out for traditional values at Stand in the Gap for Truth Rally

On Thursday, pastors and Tennesseans from across the state gathered at the State Capitol as part of the “Stand in the Gap for Truth” Rally.  The Tennessee Pastors Network partnered with state legislators to host the rally held on Constitution Day, September 17, 2015.

Rep. Judd Matheny was a featured speaker at the rally.  Below is a copy of his speech given to the participants:

Tennessee is under assault. Drip by drip, Obama’s policies, morals, and
unconstitutional actions are trickling into our state, eroding the fabric of

Washington’s promises to cut deficit spending and reduce the national debt
have not materialized. Our state budget is growing more dependent on
federal funds and we remain unprepared for when the inevitable cutbacks

Over spending by the federal government threatens our children’s and
grandchildren’s financial futures but also comes with an unacceptable cost of undermining our state’s sovereignty, a principle that is firmly embedded in
the Constitution.

The pillars of our way of life are being eroded by decision making with little or no constitutional permission:

•    The Supreme Court’s decisions supporting socialist medicine, also known as Obamacare

•    The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the sacrament of marriage.

•    Attempts to install Obamacare in state policy by expanding our TennCare Medicaid program, which would have turned   the largest part of the Tennessee state budget over to the whims of the federal government.

•    More violent jihadist attacks originating in and supported by people in our own neighborhoods and cities, all while federal and some state authorities deny the problem and encourage many in law enforcement-especially those tasked with teaching the TRUE nature of threats-to purposefully downplay the issue of Violent Jihad.

•    The federal government dictating acceptance, promotion, and funding of immoral and abhorrent personal behaviors.

•    Disarming our soldiers at home when they are clearly targets of domestic violent jihadists.

•    Putting the lives and wellbeing of our citizens at risk by liberal policies that enable cities to violate state and federal immigration laws at their whim and then endorse the practice by calling them “sanctuary cities.”

•    Requiring taxpayers to bailout  government and private company financial mismanagement with higher taxes.

•    FEDERAL POPULATION REDISTRICTING- also known as The Obama administration using refugee resettlement and illegal immigration, to pipeline people into Tennessee without the state’s consent, though both consume more and more of Tennessee’s local and state entitlement programs budgets.

But all is not lost.

In Tennessee, we are not so easily separated from the conservative principles that guide our way of life.

The dissatisfaction of the majority of Tennesseans with this state of affairs has been heard by those of us that believe like you. Today, I can confidently
say that conservative members of the Tennessee House and Senate, increasing in numbers and soon to be a majority, are preparing for the battles necessary to return Tennessee to the list of non-Establishment conservative states.

Some of the work, led by the conservatives, has been done:

Sanctuary cities are outlawed in Tennessee, giving our Attorney General a tool to stop municipalities that want to nullify state and federal
laws by normalizing illegal immigration.

We have passed some of the nation’s strongest state anti-jihad laws.  These laws enabled the nation’s first state prosecution of terrorists and their supporters … even while Washington and some in Tennessee deny our escalating home grown security problems.

Tennessee’s implementation of Common Core, a federally mandated, nationalized education reform program, was first slowed in 2014 and then “repealed and replaced” earlier this year.

We have pushed aside gun control advocates in both the federal and Tennessee governments and implemented expanded 2nd amendment rights for more and more law abiding Tennesseans.

We stopped, in its tracks, an ill-conceived and poorly laid out plan to expand Medicaid with a flimsy promise from Washington it was ‘free money’.

We will no longer accept a promise on its face value from Washington DC.  We must first see good solid financial and implementation plans.

We will scrutinize each of these for accuracy, practicality and whether or not any program is best left up to the states to fully administer.

Going forward:

Conservative leaders are stepping up their opposition to establishment and government based solutions. Not simply by saying STOP, but by offering principled and inventive alternative solutions:

You will see creative ways to assist uninsured Tennesseans based on personal responsibility, not government handouts.

You will see state laws requiring transparency of federal refugee resettlement decisions.

You will see NO support for federal agreements with nations that support violent jihadists nor nations that want to destroy Israel.

You will see a stop to the constant whiplash education reform policies of the professional left that have left our teachers frustrated.

You will see bills introduced to not just protect an elected official’s religious freedom-but to protect the religious freedoms of ALL Tennesseans!a

You will see the enforcement of our laws meant to protect our security.

For example, we will insist on enforcement of the ban on sanctuary cities.

We will insist on the investigation and prosecution of people who provide support to violent jihadists.
There can be no prosperity without security, no matter how many jobs are created in the state.

You will see us work with our federal legislators through the nation’s first BILATERAL SESSION OF CONGRESS to ensure that the loss of Tennessee’s sovereignty by federal legislation, supreme court decisions and bureaucratic rule making is stopped and reversed. Unfunded
mandates, budget busting federal policies, illegal immigration, unchecked refugee resettlement from enemy countries, and dictatorial EPA regulations will be stopped or challenged at every corner.

Your conservative leadership understands and agrees with your demands for action. We are focused on ensuring that Tennessee does not float into the liberal morass that is destroying California, New York, Illinois, and many other states.

The road back will not be easy; it will require a persistent focus on conservative principles. As before, we know there will be ugly accusations against us by the liberal elite in the media, by some in Tennessee’s and Washington’s governments and even in your local governments, and sadly, by some religious communities .
There will be threats of defunding and contempt by detached Washington bureaucrats. We will be portrayed as heartless and uncaring; when in fact, our moral, religious, and conservative principals are just the opposite.

We need your help. Pray for us. Tell us your ideas.  Provide unflinching support to your conservative elected officials on all levels despite the onslaughts against them.

We must stand together in the coming work that has to be done to protect Tennessee and revive America.

Let there be NO MISTAKE, however-for from this moment forward our priority will be TENNESSEE FIRST, AMERICA ALWAYS.


Information about the Tennessee Pastors Network Rally and Annual Conference can be found at:


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