‘Lord, Change My Attitude’ is challenge to clean up your soul

9780802434395“It’s not about your struggles. It’s not about your circumstances. It’s not about your relationships. It’s about your attitude.”

That statement is made by author James MacDonald in his newest book “Lord, Change My Attitude: Before It’s Too Late” by Moody Publishers. The foreword is written by Erwin Lutzer, senior pastor of The Moody Church in Chicago.

MacDonald is the founder and senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Illinois. He has a radio program titled “Walk in the Word,” and has written several books and Bible studies. To find his radio program, go online to moodyradio.org.

In his new book, MacDonald makes the case that it’s our attitudes that affects our lives. He makes this point through the story of the Israelites, who spent their time in the wilderness with a bad attitude. The Israelites spent their time in the wilderness “murmuring” or grumbling against God, MacDonald writes, so God kept all the adults age 20 and older out of the Promised Land (except for the few faithful).

MacDonald says the theme of the book is, “Those who choose murmuring as their lifestyle will spend their lifetimes in the wilderness.”

People were not created with a heart for coveting, complaining and being critical, he writes. Instead, our hearts were made for thankfulness, contentment and love.

MacDonald challenges his readers to answer five questions to determine if the book is right for them. One question is: Are you open to considering what the Lord has to say about changing your attitude?

“This is not some futile self-help book, and it’s not filled with the opinions of pseudo experts,” he writes. “This book is a study of what God has to say in the Scriptures about our bad attitudes. It details the consequences of rejecting God’s ways and the benefits of accepting God’s ways. … To profit from this book, you have to be willing to reflect upon what the Bible says about attitudes and how God wants to change you.”

If you are a complainer, MacDonald challenges you to repent and ask God for forgiveness.

Each chapter in the book is loaded with “tools” to help you work on changing your attitude. Attitudes are patterns of thinking that have formed over a long period of time, he writes. There is also a study guide to help people identify “wilderness experiences” in their lives.

I highly recommend “Lord, Change My Attitude: Before It’s Too Late” to anyone who wishes to conduct a cleanup of their soul.

MacDonald has Bible studies and other tools available online at jamesmacdonald.org.


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