Christians in Jharkhand, India Attacked with Axes, Clubs

It’s not only Muslims who are brutally attacking Christians.



(Morning Star News) – An attack on a prayer meeting in Jharkhand state that sent six people to the hospital on Sept. 4 began when Hindu women entered the home where it was held and began insulting Christians, sources said.

By the end of the day, Hindu extremists with guns, axes, spades and clubs had broken bones of Christians of Anugrah (Grace) Church in Hututag village, Palamu District and beaten women unconscious before threatening to finish them off if they continued worshiping Christ, a local pastor said.

About 30 people from the church had gathered at the house of Mukh Dev for a Friday prayer meeting when some women entered and began verbally abusing Pastor Sarvajit Bharti and others, the Rev. Akash Nandi told Morning Star News.

“Thereafter, two men entered and asked the pastor and the others to go outside, but the Christians refused to go,” he…

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