Cleveland, TN: Affordable adult dental care

The United Way of Bradley County is attempting to make a dent in the Cleveland community’s need for affordable adult dental care, the Cleveland Daily Banner reports.

Karis Dental Clinic is now open at 254 Broad St. S.W. in downtown Cleveland. The first two weeks have seen considerably activity as word is getting out about this new treatment service.

The clinic is open four days a week on a staggered schedule. It will be open Monday through Thursday one week, then Tuesday through Friday the following week. For more information about Karis Dental Clinic, or to schedule an appointment, you can call 423-457-8024 and speak to someone, or leave a message.

Karis Dental is for poverty level and under adults, who live in Bradley County and who do not have dental insurance. It provides very affordable treatment and care for those who qualify.

The full time dentist at Karis is Dr. James Ohlsson, DDS, who preciously worked in private practice at Cleveland Dental. He has over 20 years’ experience and volunteered to provide treatment on Fridays at the BCHD once a month.

Source: Affordable adult dental care | The Cleveland Daily Banner


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