TN: Church Hill FUMC celebrating 175 years

CHURCH HILL — Sometimes you have to look backward in order to move forward, and for “the church on the hill” that gave Church Hill its name, 2015 has been a look back at growth and expansion over the past 175 years, the Times News reports.

The Church Hill First United Methodist Church (Hawkins County, Tenn.) has been celebrating its 175th anniversary all year, but the main event is scheduled on Sunday, Sept. 20, with the church homecoming and dinner on the grounds. There will be a special service by former Pastor Steve Brown. Current Pastor Josh Kilbourne said all of the church’s previous pastors have been invited to attend.

“We’re inviting everyone we know who has been connected with the church at some point to come back for that homecoming,” Kilbourne told the Times-News Wednesday.

Were it not for the 1840 founding of the church at its present location overlooking the community, there might not be a Church Hill, Tenn. “Before the railroad came in there was a shipping point here, and essentially it was known as being near the church on the hill,” Kilbourne said. “That stuck for the name of this area. Then it became known as Church Hill, Tennessee, which is kind of neat.”

Source: Church Hill FUMC celebrating 175 years as ‘the church on the hill’ | Kingsport Times-News


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