Sexual energy in faithful marriage key building block of civilization, Unwin says

This is an excerpt from David Tulis of Chattanooga’s Nooganomics blog, citing philosophies by J.D. Unwin. The topic is Josh Duggar, monogamy and adultery:

The Word of God declares adultery, among others, a capital offense because it highly values that relationship, that wonderful gift to mankind. Adultery is named in the seventh commandment, but the term is used to refer to anything that is unchaste and even is understood to include passions of the flesh such as gluttony. Adultery also violates the 10th commandment against coveting.

A major summary of J.D. Unwin’s book, Sex and Culture, 1934, is online through a reprint at Journal of Christian Reconstruction, 1977 (“Monogamy as a condition of social energy,” initially published 1927). Unwin, a British ethnologist and social anthropologist, says that a prosperous nation rises on the basis of fidelity in marriage, and declines in prosperity by become liberal with sexual morality. In a process that has not been reversed in any instance, he says, a people lose their cohesion, impetus and purpose.

Adultery, fornication and homosexual relationships dissipate.

Unwin tells of the effect of regulated, monogamous marriage in a paragraph that sweeps across centuries.

All these things — conquest, empire, art, science — are diverse manifestations of the force of life, which, controlled by an inherited tradition, demands outlet from its pent-up state; and it is this control which is the cause of those overwhelming outbursts of activity[]; which compels the Arab to burst over Egypt; causes the Amorites to found their tremendous commerce and raise Babylon from an insignificant city to the capital of a large empire; urges forward the Persians, and drives the Teutons over the Roman Empire; makes the Spaniard sail the seas, the Athenian philosophize, the English colonize. It is this control which gave Rome her gravitas, which made the eighteenth century the heyday.

But Josh Duggar and many others, unable to control their appetites and disregarding the clear commands of God, indulge themselves and so contribute to the loss of moral certitude and capital in their local economies.

The loosening of the marriage bond — that is, the gradual return to a temporary union made and broken by consent — releases the compulsion. The outlook reverts to what it was at first. The social vision, imposed upon society by the rigor of its own customs, returns to regard for the present only. Pride in the past, responsibility for the future, both disappear. And when a generation arrives which has known no sterner discipline, but which spends its early years in an atmosphere of submission to impulse, it does not add one whit to what has gone before, but, sinking into unrelieved lethargy, ekes out its meager existence in the grip of forces which it is no longer able to control. Its energy sapped by its own indulgence, its vision reduced to a single dimension, it finds that it can no longer cope with the ultimate causes of things, and there comes a loss of affirmation, a failure of nerve, a denial of the gods, and a despondent fear of the future.

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