FBI says militias planning attacks on Muslim targets: Arab news outlet

An internal FBI memo obtained by Public Intelligence, the independent news research group, reported last May that extremist and armed American militia groups were planning a campaign of violence targeting Muslim and Arab institutions such as mosques and schools, the Arab Daily News reports.

The FBI bulletin was released to police agencies around the country weeks prior to a planned anti-Muslim rally in front of a Phoenix Mosque that was held on May 29, 2015 and drew more than 250 protestors who denounced the “evils of Islam.”

The unclassified FBI bulletin, obtained by Public Intelligence, begins, “Militia extremists are expanding their target sets to include Muslims and Islamic religious institutions in the United States. This has resulted in increased violent rhetoric and plotting and has the potential to lead, over the long term, to additional harassment of or violence against Muslims by domestic extremists.”

According to the FBI report, the domestic terrorists were contemplating kidnapping Muslim Americans and even beheading them in “retaliation” for violence in the Middle East by Islamic extremists like the Islamic State which has beheaded dozens of prisoners and burned others to death.

(First, let me say as a Christian, that violence against anyone is wrong. Period. I don’t care if you are a member of ISIS attacking Christians, other Muslims or other religious groups, or you say you are a conservative American or even a “Christian,” you have no justification to kill someone else. I say “Christian” in quotes because a true follower of Christ would not commit murder. All violence is wrong. Now, I will say that the FBI report that was cited in the story admits in its footnotes that it believes some of the intelligence data it used was of medium to high quality but some was of low quality.)

(I would also ask what is the FBI doing to stop future attacks like the one in Chattanooga in which a Muslim murdered American servicemen? Again, no violence is justified by any party. I express my thanks for the Muslims in Chattanooga who supported a charity for the victims, and I pray for the safety of peace-loving Muslims in America and anywhere else. I do question the Arab Daily News’ use of loaded rhetoric like “extreme rightwing” to describe Americans who disagree with Muslims and are concerned about jihad. There are some Muslims who mean us harm and are living here: the Chattanooga shooter was one.)

THE QUESTIONABLE FBI REPORT: https://info.publicintelligence.net/FBI-MilitiaTargetingMuslims.pdf

THE ARAB DAILY NEWS STORY: Right wing militias targeting Mosque and Muslim groups.


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