Western Churches and the Wrong Side of History

Eric Metaxas has a good commentary on BreakPoint about the drifting away of the Western Church when it comes to orthodoxy: But the real clash of cultures is happening not among governments, but between churches; specifically between churches in the West—that is, in Europe and the U.S.—and churches in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Last year the Washington Post ran a story about the growing tension between Anglican and evangelical churches in the West and their daughter congregations abroad. While many churches in Europe and America have shriveled as they drift from biblical Christianity, their counterparts in the global south have thrived. These missionary plants haven’t gotten the memo about rewriting two thousand years of Christian orthodoxy. And they’re puzzled and more than a little worried when Westerners come bearing the sexual revolution instead of the Gospel.

“Homosexuality is equivalent to colonialism and slavery,” said Bishop Gitonga of the Redeemed Church in Kenya. “It’s not biblical and cannot bring blessing to Christians.”

African believers, particularly those in communion with our mainline denominations, say they feel betrayed. These Christian communities planted by Western missionaries are now watching the churches that sent those missionaries compromise everything they taught. For Africans, explained Anglican Archbishop Stanley Ntagali of Uganda, it’s like watching their mother give up the faith.

FOR MORE: Western Churches and the Wrong Side of History.


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