Naked tree huggers climb trees in California, say trees are not fire hazards

About 75 folks at the University of California, Berkeley disrobed over the weekend and mounted eucalyptus trees, Todd Starnes of Fox News reports.

All part of a protest directed at the Federal Emergency Management Agency — they say the trees pose a fire hazard and need to come down.

“This is a war on trees,” wildlife activist Jack Gescheidt told Campus Reform.

The demonstration was organized by a group Gescheidt founded — The Tree Spirit Project. Their mission is “to raise awareness of the critical role trees play in our lives, both globally and personally.”

And part of their schtick is to commune with nature while frolicking buck naked in the wilderness.

via Naked Tree Huggers Mount Eucalyptus Trees | Fox News.

(People like these have a twisted view of God’s creation. They believe that trees and other plants have souls. This worldview drives them to do strange things, like climb trees naked. God created trees, and as stewards of God’s creation, we should take care of them. But God gave man dominion over nature as well, and we have the God-given mission of taking care of creation. Only man is made in God’s image; trees and animals are not.)


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