Tear down Jefferson Memorial? CNN anchors ask

CNN anchors Ashleigh Banfield and Don Lemon on June 24 floated the idea of tearing down the Jefferson Memorial because the nation’s third president owned slaves, Breitbart reports. The conversation was in the context of the Confederate Battle Flag.

“Jefferson owned slaves….and there’s a monument to him in the capital of the United States, no one ever asks for that to come down – is it equal?”

Lemon said they were not equal but then immediately backed off of that, “There may come a day when we want to re-think Jefferson….when we get to that point, I’ll be happy to partake in that particular discussion.”

via Hate Network: CNN Targets Jefferson Memorial in Confederate Flag Frenzy – Breitbart.


One thought on “Tear down Jefferson Memorial? CNN anchors ask

  1. And we all know that it would never happen. Such an idiotic idea to float. It should not even be debated and shame on people for seeing a national historical monument with such bias. The man may have well owned slaves, but he is one of the founding fathers of the USA. Are we supposed to try and erase all the negative aspects from out history? What’s next, tearing down all the old cotton plantation mansions in the south just because they remind people of slavery? Wake up people, it is could to be reminded of our transgressions and sins of the past. We are supposed to learn from the past and correct ourselves. We should be reminded of the bad that our forefathers committed. This is one way that we can prevent history from repeating itself. Enough already. We have skeletons in our closet, deal with it. Face it head on and do what you can to prevent such events to happen again. Sweeping it under the rug or eliminating it from the landscape helps no one but a few people who only want to see what they want to see.

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