Dramatically improve your relationships. Listen, Learn, Love


Tennessee Christian News

Raise your hand if relationships are effortless for you.

You didn’t raise your hand? Me neither.

If relationships are a source of frustration at times, there’s a book for that.

“Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships In 30 Days or Less” is a new book by Susie Albert Miller, also known as The Better Relationship Coach. Dunham Books is the publisher.

The author lays out her advice in an easy-to-read way and offers practical tips to practice relationship-building, such as pause and pay attention during a conversation. “Stop thinking about what you want to say in response,” she writes.

Miller offers three simple skills to create better relationships in personal and professional arenas.

“Susie reminds us that relationships are the stuff of life, and in the end they are all that really matter, ” David Dunham, publisher of Dunham Books, said in a statement.

Miller tackles such relationship issues as marriage (don’t be roommates any longer); teens; friends (how to make deeper connections); and family (how to get along at reunions).

She says, “For all our investments in career training, gym memberships, or financial futures, we often forget to invest in the most important and influential things in our lives: relationships. If relationships are the stuff of life, why are we rarely, if ever, taught how to create quality ones?”

“God has used the experiences, struggles, and difficulties as well as the joys, blessings and most of all, the people in my life, to grow me, teach me and train me about relationships,” Miller says. “At times my journey was confusing, unsettling, and incredibly painful. But, I firmly believe that God is good —life and relationships can be rich and rewarding even in the midst of difficult times.”

The three symbols that Miller uses to stick with the reader are the conch shell for listen, glasses for learning others, and the heart for love.

For example, by “learning others,” Miller means getting to know a person and forming a deeper connection. “Isn’t it heartwarming when your friend brings you a cup of coffee just the way you like it?,” she writes. “You realize she paid attention to your likes, dislikes, preferences.”

About the author

Miller describes her husband of 31 years, John, as her best friend. They have three adult children. She has worked as a therapist and coach for more than 20 years. Her website is susiemiller.com. The book is available on Amazon.


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