Tennessee Legislature debates assisted suicide

Tennessee lawmakers are set to discuss changing state law Tuesday so that some terminally ill patients believed to have less than six months to live could legally participate in assisted suicide, the Tennessean reports.

Oregon approved the nation’s first assisted suicide law in 1997, but only Washington state and Vermont have followed with their own laws in the nearly 18 years since the first “Death with Dignity Act.”

There’s no indication Tennessee lawmakers are ready to push forward with any law change. The bill made no progress in the General Assembly this year before being shipped to a summer study session, a move used at times to bog down legislation.

(MY COMMENTARY: If you follow the link to read the entire story, you notice how the Tennessean interviews several people who favor legalized suicide. There are no voices giving a contrary opinion in this “news” story. This is bad journalism. The Tennessean should have quoted both sides. There are plenty of people who oppose assisted suicide. God gave us the gift of life. Suicide throws that gift away and harms those who love you. I take inspiration from people like Joni Eareckson Tada, a quadriplegic woman who serves as a motivational speaker, author and radio personality. Saying it’s “okay” for one group of people to kill themselves cheapens our definition of life and leads society to consider other ways of ending life. Think of abortion.)

FOR THE FULL ARTICLE BY THE TENNESSEAN: Tennessee joins national debate on assisted suicide.


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