Update: Brentwood HOA apologizes after threatening to sue pastor’s wife over wheelchair ramp

UPDATE: A Brentwood homeowners association that threatened to sue a family over their wheelchair ramp has apologized, WFXG reports at http://www.wfxg.com/story/29301394/hoa-apologizes-for-asking-family-to-remove-wheelchair-ramp .

The letter explained the board’s original intent was to bring to the Broadnaxes attention the ramp required a permit from the city of Brentwood and needed approval by the homeowners association’s architectural review committee.

The homeowners association manager Elecia Lewis explained that board members noticed a lot of visitors on Sundays and thought the ramp might be for guests.

“She said, ‘we did not know the owner of the house was the one that was in need,'” Charlotte Broadnax said. “I asked, ‘Why didn’t you come to the house and ask why the ramp was up instead of waiting seven and a half months?'”

Tracey McCartney with the Tennessee Fair Housing Council said in an emailed statement: “Homeowners or renters who are trying to modify their unit for the use of a person with a disability and who are running into roadblocks are welcome to call the Tennessee Fair Housing Council at 615-874-2344.”

Previous story below:

A Brentwood homeowners association is threatening to sue a family if they don’t take down a wheelchair ramp in the next week, WSMV reports.

After pastor Michael Broadnax suffered a stroke late last summer, his wife Charlotte became the head of the household.

Charlotte Broadnax retrofitted her house with a small ramp so her husband could come home for rehabilitation. Now, the homeowners association for the Woodlands at Copperstone is threatening to sue.

She received a letter in the mail dated June 1 from an attorney representing the homeowners association.

“The association demands that within 14 days of the date of this letter, you remove the wheelchair ramp and restore the exterior of your home,” Charlotte Broadnax said, reading from the letter. The letter threatens a lawsuit and other consequences.

Michael Broadnax, a well-known pastor, is currently in the hospital recovering from another brain surgery.

FOR MORE: HOA threatens to sue homeowner over wheelchair ramp – WSMV Channel 4.


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