Baltimore riots: Judge Napolitano comments on true cause, and the tragedy

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano provides a great commentary on the true causes of the Baltimore riots, which is a true tragedy (people becoming totally dependent on the government for all aspects of life, and the natural anger that follows the tragedy of Freddie Gray’s death. The rioters are totally unjustified in their ridiculous, criminal behavior, but the Baltimore government shares plenty of blame.)

Here is a brief excerpt. The link at the end will take you to the judge’s article.

For generations the residents of inner-city Baltimore have grown dependent on the government. The government of that once great city and of the State of Maryland have kept large numbers of folks in Baltimore in near poverty by offering dependence in return for votes — not personal or economic freedom, not even safety; just dependence.

That lamentable state of affairs has been looking for a tipping point; and in the unexplained death of Freddie Gray it found one. Many peacefully took to the streets to demand accountability by the government which promised it could take care of them. How did Freddie die? Who killed him? Why has no one been charged with in his death? These are all legitimate questions which the government has been unwilling or unable to answer.

via Baltimore riots: Who will protect rights, lives and property of city’s residents? | Fox News.


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