Demonic ISIS executes 30 Ethopian Christians in Libya

A gruesome new video released by the barbaric Islamic group ISIS, which identifies itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, shows approximately 30 Ethiopians, who they identified as “followers of the cross,” being massacred in Libya, Christian News Network reports.

The 29-minute video, entitled “Until It Came To Them—Clear Evidence,” begins with what is called a history of relations between Muslims and Christians, followed by footage of Islamists destroying churches, smashing gravesites and destroying religious icons.

A masked ISIS fighter brandishing a gun then appears and declares that Christians must either convert to Islam or pay a special tax, known as jizya, as outlined in Koran. For those who refuse, “we owe nothing except the edge of the sword,” he threatens.

Footage soon switches back and forth between two groups of Ethiopians, identified as “followers of the cross,” who are being lined up and marched to their death. The first group shows approximately 15 Ethiopian men being led by masked Islamists along a beach, and a second group of another 15 Ethiopian men being led in the desert.

The men, all dressed in jumpsuits—one group in orange and the other black—are forced to their knees while they await their death. The first group is beheaded with a long knife, and their heads are placed on top of their bodies. The second group is shot execution style in the head.

(The appeasers in our country would have you believe Islam is a religion of peace. The translation of Islam means “submission.” Your submission, by the sword. Make no mistake, the West is in a war with followers of the Koran, whether we want to admit it or not. Jihadists do not adhere to a worldview of live and let live. Jesus is the only answer for peace for liberals and Muslims alike.)

via ‘You Will Not Have Safety Until You Accept Islam’: ISIS Kills 30 Ethiopian ‘Followers of the Cross’ | Christian News Network.


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