Kenya: Many Killed And Christians Targeted in Jihadist Attack On Kenyan University – Read Report

Islamic terrorists are committing terrible acts against Christians and anyone else they do not like. Please pray for peace in Kenya and everywhere else where people are suffering from terrorism.


attack kenya

(Voice of the Perseucted) An unknown number of students are being held hostage after gunmen stormed Garissa University. As the jihadists—Al-Shabaab engaged in a shoot out with authorities, killed over 147 people, injured many and taken have taken hostages. The group says they are “holding many Christians alive.”

Around 5:30 a.m, the attack came as morning prayers were began at the university mosque. The worshipers were not attacked by the gunmen. The attack sent the students scattering for safety. Many of the university’s 815 students have not been accounted for.

Witnesses said they divided Christian students from Muslims, and then gunned them down without mercy. Many ran for their lives through a spray of bullets to find cover. Others escaped the dorms with the help of military soldiers at the scene. Another witness claimed, “Most of the people still inside there are girls.” Defense forces have the area surrounded..

Al-Shabaab originated as a branch of the Islamic Courts Union…

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