Veteran Grandfather Pulls Granddaughter Out of TN School Over Teaching of the Quran

When Pastor Herb Mays learned that his 13-year-old granddaughter was learning about the five pillars of Islam in her social studies class, he immediately pulled her out of the Westmoreland, Tennessee middle school, the Gospel Herald Society reports.

“It says Allah is the creator. He’s the god who created us all. I don’t believe Allah created the heavens and the earth, so I have a problem with this being taught to children in the school,” he said.

Mays served his country in the Vietnam War where he earned a silver star and the purple heart, so he’s particularly passionate about losing certain freedoms while other agendas are shoved down his family’s throat. And that’s the exact situation that Mays finds himself in when the Christian Bible has been banned from schools, yet world religion is a mandatory course at his granddaughter’s middle school.

“We don’t teach the Bible [in school],” said Mays, now the pastor of Hosanna Church in Portland, Tennessee. “We can’t carry the Bible anymore to school. We can’t pray in school. So I’m upset that the seventh-grade social studies class is learning about the Quran.”

FOR MORE: Vietnam Vet Grandfather Pulls Granddaughter Out of Tennessee School Over Mandatory Teaching of the Islamic Quran |


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