ISIS Razes The City Of Nimrod Where The Tower Of Babel Was Believed To Have Been Built

Several sources from the Middle East revealed that The Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced that ISIS is deliberately bulldozing the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrod in the north of the country Thursday, after nearly a week of publishing a video showing the effects of the destruction in the city of Mosul, JewsNews reports.

Nimrod was a very significant man in ancient times, the grandson of Ham and great-grandson of Noah. Nimrod started his kingdom at Babylon (Gen. 10:10). Babylon later reached its zenith under Nebuchadnezzar (sixth century BC).
This was also part of Nimrod’s kingdom (Gen. 10:11). Nineveh along the Tigris River continued to be a major city in ancient Assyria. Today adjacent to modern Mosul, Iraq, the ruins of ancient Nineveh are centered on two mounds, the acropolis at Kuyunjik and Nebi Yunis (Arabic for “Prophet Jonah”).


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