Memphis: Cop in trouble after making ‘doughnuts’ in patrol car in church parking lot

A cop caught on camera joyriding and pulling donuts with his patrol car in a Tennessee parking lot is under investigation, WMC reported, New York Daily News reports.

The man was filmed repeatedly spinning the vehicle around outside Leawood Baptist Church in Memphis just after midnight on Monday.

Footage shows smoke spilling out from under the car as it whirls in tight circles on the icy ground.

Some viewers have suggested it could be a scene out of the smash 2007 comedy movie “Superbad,” where one of the truant teens, McLovin, is taken on a less-than-legal spin by two officers.

(Here’s my take on this: This controversy is stupid. The cop didn’t endanger anyone. He was likely just blowing off some steam from an already stressful job, made worse because of the ice and snow we’ve received lately. There are worse things to spend our time worrying about. Cops do a lot of dangerous work for little pay or thanks. Let him have a little slack on this.)

FOR MORE: Donut-loving cop in ‘Superbad’ trouble after Tenn. car stunt – NY Daily News.


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