Death of Internet freedom: So-called Net neutrality

David Asman on

The two Republican FCC Commissioners (out of a total of five) know exactly how important this new plan really is. Commissioner Ajit Pai has called the new FCC plan “a massive shift in favor of government control of the Internet…everything from your wireless service plan, to your wire line connection at home.”

These new rules would not only affect your services, it would also give FCC regulators the power to decide what content on the Internet was “just and reasonable.” Commissioner Tom Wheeler makes the absurd comment that the FCC would never use those powers. But in a February 4 issue of Wired, he already hints at ways bureaucrats could start dictating what they view as “threats” on the Internet:

“…my proposal includes a general conduct rule that can be used to stop new and novel threats to the Internet. This means the action we take will be strong enough and flexible enough not only to deal with the realities of today, but also to establish ground rules for the as yet unimagined.”

In other words, they want to establish new rules and regulations for stuff that hasn’t even been imagined yet!

Equally galling is the process by which this government takeover is happening. The 332 pages of new FCC rules have been held in secret, and even after Thursday’s vote, they are not being released. Like Nancy Pelosi said of ObamaCare, “We can read it after we vote on it.”

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On a Moody Radio interview today, Greg Parshall of the National Religious Broadcasters said that the new rule has vague-enough language to allow the FCC to decide what content is appropriate. Companies like Google and Apple, which benefit from Net neutrality, would have more power to block speech they do not like (they have censored Christians in the past).

The federal government, especially the Obama administration, has already proven that it cannot tolerate the Christian worldview (Obamacare contraceptives for Christian businesses/orgs, etc.). Christians are not the only group at danger of being silenced (think IRS and conservative groups’ non-profit tax applications).

Government always seeks more power and money. The FCC takeover of the Internet opens the door for Internet taxes, long sought after by the government. You may say it’s good that the government will force providers like Comcast to not charge Netflix more. But Netflix uses a lot of bandwidth, so the argument could be made that Comcast has that right. Comcast and the other cable companies are more likely to simply slow down EVERYONE’S Internet, Parshall argues. Prices will go up for consumers (think Obamacare and higher insurance premiums and out-of-pocket).

This country was founded on the principle of limited federal government. We have surely strayed far afield from that ideal.

For more on the corporate censorship of Christians, read this story:


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