Devotional feeds your body, soul with recipes, Scripture JASON REYNOLDS

Tennessee Christian News

Why can’t having faith be a delicious lifestyle?

It can be — and healthy as well.

A popular healthy food/healthy lifestyle blog, Dashing Dish, has expanded into the print world with “Devotions For a Healthier You: Feeding Mind, Body, and Soul.” The author is Katie Farrell, a former registered nurse in Brighton, Michigan.

healthier 2Farrell wrote her book to include a mix of devotionals, lifestyle tips, a one-week meal plan and healthy recipes. The devotionals are inspired by her journaling.

“I took from those entries,” she said. “If I could, I would download everything the Lord taught me on health and weight.”

Talking about both spiritual and physical health is a natural for Farrell, who previously struggled with having a healthy body image. She is very open in sharing her past battle with anorexia and bulimia, which happened between the ages of 14-18.

“I understand what it’s like to be extremely compulsive about everything you eat,” she said. “So I try not to make the blog like that.”

Her recovery took a couple of years. She had never enjoyed cooking and had not learned that. She began experimenting and making healthy recipes, which led to an appreciation for a balance of food and health.

“That’s why the book draws people in,” she said. “It comes from a place of loving yourself first, rather than depriving yourself. I tried to make it enjoyable and something you can do with your whole family.”

Eating disorders are about more than just anorexia and bulimia, Farrell said. A disorder is any eating style that is unhealthy, like obesity. Farrell said she tells people to find a balance.

“I don’t say ‘You can never have a cookie again.’”

The “Dashing Dish” blog began five years ago as a side hobby while Farrell was working at a hospital. Her husband, who is a graphic designer, urged her to share her recipes online because people constantly asked her to share them.  Her husband created the blog for her, and it took off. A year later, she wondered if the blog was something to do full-time along with a ministry aspect to address eating disorders.

“So many women were emailing me and pouring their hearts out that it turned out to be more than a recipe blog,” she said. “So I pursued it full time and quit nursing.”

healthier 1Like I mentioned earlier, “Devotions” is far more than a cookbook: It provides a one-week meal plan with grocery shopping list, along with those recipes and nutritional breakdowns. Meal plans are popular since they can save time and money while living healthy, she said.

“Women, especially working moms want to eat healthy and serve their family healthy food,” Farrell said. “They work and when they come home, doing dinner is the last thing they want to think about. If they prepare a meal or part of a meal ahead of time, they save time and can eat healthy.”

The book’s spiritual aspect includes 71 devotionals, prayers for health and a list of Scriptures that address your identity in God.

“I tried to include the words of God as much as possible,” she said. “That’s what changed me on the inside. That’s what I really try to make it all about — the Lord is the one who sets people free.”

Both the book and the blog focus on clean eating and gluten-free and sugar-free recipes.

The blog offers a wealth of information like videos, workouts and recipes. There are both free and paid access (which keeps it add-free). The blog will receive an upgrade in March to allow women to build their own meal plans and shopping lists.

“Devotions” is a beautiful book with colorful food photos and top-notch graphic design, and would make a great gift for the cook in your life. For more information, go online to Thomas Nelson is the publisher of “Devotions For a Healthier You.” Their website is


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