Nashville needs more affordable housing now, alliance says

An alliance known as A VOICE — founded by Avi Poster, a retired school principal and well-known Nashville community activist, and Marsha Edwards, CEO of the Martha O’Bryan Center — hopes to build a citywide movement around its message — that now is the time for action to ensure more housing options in Nashville, the Tennessean reports. A VOICE, whose mission is to reduce poverty, plans to kick off a series of public forums. Members have already begun soliciting support and endorsements from city leaders.

“Housing is the most imminent (poverty) issue in front of us,” Poster said. “The inventory is shrinking in great numbers. New developments are rising all over the city aimed at an audience that can afford luxury living. There hasn’t been enough going on to create affordable housing for everyone else.”

The group will lobby for specific policies members say are meant to encourage mixed-income communities and minimize the concentration of poverty.

One, organizers plan to push the city to adopt a model of “inclusionary zoning” that would mandate that a certain percentage of units on large-scale, new multifamily developments and subdivisions — the group recommends 14 percent — be set aside for housing priced for families earning less than 60 percent of Davidson County’s median income. The median household income is $46,000 for a family of four.

via Nashville needs more affordable housing now, alliance says.


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