Jerry Jenkins ends Christian Writers Guild

Christian author Jerry Jenkins is dissolving his Christian Writers Guild, a group that helps Christian authors improve their craft. I have pasted an excerpt of his letter to members. (I do not belong, but sometimes receive their info as someone who is interested in writing.)

Dear Friend,

You’re wondering what’s become of the Christian Writers Guild, so let me bring you up to speed.

After 14 years owning the Guild and investing a lot of time and money in it—my way of giving back to an industry and occupation that has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams—I realized it was never going to sustain itself. I had never intended to profit from it, but when it became obvious it would not likely ever break even, the time came to shut it down honorably, after fulfilling all the obligations to members and students.

Closing an operation like that helped clarify things for me related to the current state of writing and publishing.

It has never been easier to get published, nor have there ever been as many avenues available for wannabe writers. Indeed, anybody can publish virtually anything virtually anywhere.

While it may be more difficult than ever to crack a traditional publishing house where someone else takes all the risks and pays you for what you write, if you’re willing to pay, you can be published on demand, you can independently publish, you can cooperatively publish, you can publish hybrid, or you can publish online for next to nothing.

The problem is, that doesn’t make you a writer. The cream still rises. Regardless of the fact that you can go from being unknown and unpublished today to having anything you want exposed to the world online tomorrow, it behooves you to learn the craft, hone your skills, polish your prose.

In short, to be effective, you need to learn to write.


Jenkins goes on to offer resources on his personal website.


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