Young Danish couple attacked by Muslims on Christmas evening

Mads and Nanna, a young Danish couple, had been celebrating Christmas in Copenhagen with their family. On their way home, a Muslim teen confronts them, ANM News reports.

Nanna describes the incident:

This Muslim teenager is very aggressive and starts to yell at the couple. Suddenly he attacks Mads with a glass bottle he has in his hand. Mads is quite capable of defending himself, however three more Muslim youth come running down the street to help their Muslim brother. They have brought iron chains, which they use to bring down Mads.


The young girl, Nanna, tried to interfere, but they started hitting her as well.

She hits the asphalt with her forehead, and everything goes black. A minute later, she wakes up, and the Muslims are gone. She and her boyfriend lie in a puddle of their own blood, and she can feel that something is wrong in her face.



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